New Therapies for Epilepsy with Greg Grunberg & Dr. Jacqueline French, M.D.

Greg Grunberg: Nearly three million Americans live with epilepsy. No known therapies will control seizures in one million people. Even more live with side effects so bad that their quality of life is poor. This is why the Epilepsy Foundation is dedicated to finding new epilepsy and seizure therapies in a timeframe that matters for people living with seizures today.

Jacqueline French: My name is Jackie French, I'm a professor at NYU School of Medicine, Department of Neurology, and I am the Chief Scientific Officer of the Epilepsy Foundation. 

Greg Grunberg: Chief Scientific Officer. That is HUGE. Congratulations!

Jackie: Thank you very much.

Greg: And as Ken (Lowenberg) put it, you're at the very top. Of all the science coming out of epilepsy, you hear about everything, right?

Jackie: I hear about everything, and I try and take it in, and put it in perspective, and you probably know that the Epilepsy Foundation's mantra is that we're interested in science that can help people in a timeframe that matters. That means we're not thinking about the hypothetical, the theoretical, "20 years from now this might help…" -- we want to be around, when the things we are researching and funding begin to make a difference. 

Greg: It's a very exciting area that you are in, because you're looking at the future. It's very hopeful. It gives a lot of people like me hope because of all the new things that are coming out. Jake has VNS, and we hear about the different devices to detect seizures and all that. It's as much as we can possibly do - and he, because he's 19 now, he's an adult - to protect himself.

Jackie: Yes, and this is going to be one of the huge advances. And it is right on the verge I think, of just breaking on through. This information is going to really speed up the capability of doctors to say, "All right, let's find the right drug to work for you." There's no question that people who are still having seizures now, you know five or 10 years from now, and this is what I tell all my patients too – we will find something for you. We are that close.


Greg: Part of the Epilepsy Foundation’s mission is to help find new therapies for the millions of people living with little or no seizure control. To find out more, and how you can help, please visit