Actress Hayden Panettiere: You know, people with epilepsy may not say anything because they're afraid of how others will treat them. You can help change things by talking about it.

The platform goes into shadow as the nearby TV Monitor fades in to a close up where Greg Grunberg interviews Blanca Vasquez, MD of NYU Medical Center.

Greg: Why is it important to talk about epilepsy?

Blanca Vazquez: It is so important because anyone can be affected with epilepsy. It could be a child. It could be an elderly parent. It could be a young adolescent that gets into a car accident that gets an infection. So epilepsy is something that's going to affect us, either at work, family, church, anywhere. You will meet someone that is affected with epilepsy. So, that's why we need to care.

Greg: And we need to talk about it.

Blanca: Yes.

Greg: And the more you're empowered, the more you know about epilepsy, the less frightened you'll be when you see someone have a seizure or you'll know what to do, the right thing to do?

Blanca: Absolutely.

TV monitor darkens, and station platform brightens again, lighting upon Hayden. 

Hayden: I'm Hayden Panettiere... Thanks for talking about it.

Hayden exits to the left, to the sound of a departing subway train and a throng of busy commuters.