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Why Talk About Epilepsy? with Dr. Drew Pinsky

People with active epilepsy live with recurring and unpredictable seizures. But many say that even though the seizures are bad, the way they are treated by people around them can be much worse. Seizures can be scary to see, but the more people know about what seizures are — and what they are not — the less likely they will act out of fear. One in 10 people will have a seizure in their lifetime, and one in 26 people will develop epilepsy during their lifetime. That’s why it is important we all know about epilepsy and why we are asking everyone to talk about it.


Dr. Drew Pinsky walks into the nave of the main terminal of a brightly lit and colorful train station and speaks extemporaneously.

Dr. Drew Pinsky: Listen, seizures, epilepsy are common conditions, affect all kinds of people. Its not being possessed by the devil , its not that there is something wrong with the person. They are having a little electrical discharge in their cerebral cortex that generalizes, causes them to fall down,  we got meds for it. There's great treatments,  it doesn't mean anything about the person, but I urge you to talk about it, let them tell you what it feels like to have this condition, and how ridiculous people are about it, and how they feel about how other people treat them for having an electrical discharge in their brain. I'm Dr. Drew -- talk about it.