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Talk About It! — The Podcast

Season 3

Chapter 9: The Origin Story of Talk About It!

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In this very special episode, we sit down with the founders of Talk About It to hear all about the past, present, and future of this organization! Two of Greg's closest friends, Ken Lowenberg and Phil Gattone, are in the studio. The three co-founders tell the origin story of how Talk About It was born in a hotel ballroom. This organization is fueled by the passion for spreading awareness about epilepsy, but as we find out in this conversation, Talk About It is broadening its scope to include a variety of causes going into the future. Through the benefits of today's technology, Talk About It will now offer a multitude of outreach channels to get people talking: talking about cancer awareness, talking about MS, talking about cerebral palsy, talking about depression, talking about the things in our lives that matter. No matter what you are going through, there is a community and an infrastructure of support ready to help, but the first step is to — you guessed it — Talk About It!

Chapter 8: Caregivers and Conquering the Scary Unknown with Kelley Coleman

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To celebrate Epilepsy Awareness Month, Greg sits down with mother, caregiver and author Kelley Coleman to talk about navigating through scary and uncharted waters after a difficult diagnosis. Kelley is the mother of two boys, and her youngest, Aaron, developed an undiagnosed genetic syndrome in addition to epilepsy, autism, cerebral palsy, cortical vision impairment, microcephaly, and motor/sensory disabilities. Over the years of her preparation, planning and persistence, she developed systems, lists and how-to’s that she is now publishing as a practical guidebook for all parent caretakers to follow entitled Everything No One Tells You About Parenting a Disabled Child: Your Guide to the Essential Systems, Services and Supports. They also discuss motherly instincts and persistence with medical professionals, how she manages her self-care as a caretaker of others, and of course…Venus fly traps! We also get a bonus visit from a few celebrity friends who have very special messages for all caretakers this month.

Chapter 7: Helmets4Helmets - A Family's Passion to Talk About It!

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Brock and Bryson Thompson, brothers, began at the ages of 8 and 6. They decided they wanted to start their own foundation to help kids around the world who have epilepsy, like Bryson does.

In this episode of Talk About It, Greg Grunberg talks with Bryson's and Brock's parents - Sarah and Aristotle. They share their story as two loving parents who are raising a family all about making a difference and talking about it.

Also, in this episode, a special limited time offer from for our viewers: You can get 10 percent off of helmets for people living with epilepsy and other neurological conditions. (Offer good through November 9, 2023)

Chapter 6: Inside the Mind of the Queen of Content — Stanzi Potenza

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This episode is MEGA VIRAL! TikToker, Instagram star, and actress Stanzi Potenza joins Greg in the studio to talk about her journey to millions of followers while dealing with unpredictable seizures. As a young star with epilepsy, she displays immense courage through her independence and self-reliance, however it doesn't come without a few scary moments that she shares on this episode. They discuss her growing up in theater and the similarities and differences with creating her own content, how she can sense a massive seizure before it happens and occasionally talk herself out of it, and the videos that broke her career to the masses on the internet during COVID. Enjoy this episode and, of course, like/subscribe/comment!

Chapter 5: Amanda Foreman Gets Personal

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In this very special mini-Felicity-reunion episode of Talk About It, actress Amanda Foreman (Felicity, Star Trek) joins Greg to reminisce about their time on the show together and to give help, hope and advice to those living with Multiple Sclerosis. Mandy opens up about the dispirited emotions she went through when she received her diagnosis, and the journey she has been on, physically, emotionally and mentally, to now be at peace while living her best life alongside her condition. Plus, Greg and Mandy get into their characters from Felicity to open the show with a classic Meghan-and-Sean bickering about his latest invention idea… but this one might just work!

Chapter 4: Come Sail Away! with Dr. Philip Haydon

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Land ho! On this nautical episode of Talk About It, Greg welcomes Dr. Philip Haydon to talk about how he merged his career in medicine with his passion for sailing to inspire people around the world. Dr. Haydon is an internationally recognized neuroscientist, and the Annetta and Gustav Grisard Professor and Chair of the Department of Neuroscience at Tufts University School of Medicine. Since his diagnosis of post-traumatic epilepsy as a teenager, Dr. Haydon has devoted his life to studying in medicine and researching neurological disorders. He channeled his love of sailing into starting Sail4Epilepsy, an organization aimed for raising awareness about epilepsy and helping people take One More Step towards living a fuller life by achieving goals, one step at a time. Greg is also joined by his friend and Heroes co-star, actor and sailing enthusiast Adrian Pasdar, to talk about the peace and tranquility that sailing brings. Batten down the hatches, this episode is quite a journey!

Chapter 3: Laughter is the Best Medicine, Talking About Comedy for a Cure/TSC Alliance

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For the second in a series of interviews with innovators in advocacy and business, Greg sits down with two powerful women from TSC Alliance - Kari Luther Rosbeck, President and CEO, and Lisa Moss, Vice President of Donor Relations. Kari and Lisa have dedicated their lives to helping individuals and families living with TSC, and they have become heroes within the epilepsy community.

In 2002, Kari founded the annual Comedy for a Cure in Los Angeles, providing much needed laughter to help raise money for TSC research. The event has grown to a highly-anticipated tradition that now raises over $500,000 each year with major comedians performing, and even Greg takes part on stage!

This episode discusses the importance of caregivers, the need to sometimes laugh to get through difficult times, how they raised major funding through charity events, the medical breakthroughs that TSC Alliance is funding and facilitating, and so much more!

Chapter 2: Epilepsy Innovations: All That Jazz!

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Legendary jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter once said, "The word 'jazz' means to me 'I dare you. Let's jump into the unknown!'" On this episode, Greg sits down with chairperson and CEO of Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Bruce C. Cozadd as the first in a series of conversations with epilepsy innovators, including heads of pharmaceutical companies and charity organizations. Bruce, having a musical background as a master pianist, relates the improvisation, structure, and cooperation of jazz performance to the corporate development of new medication and therapies for patients in need.

They discuss taking risks, the transparency that is needed for a company in pharmaceuticals, and the importance of community and advocacy. Whether you have epilepsy or another condition, or you are a caregiver of somebody who does, it might feel like jumping into the unknown, but companies like Jazz will be there along the way.

Chapter 1: Jake Grunberg Talks About It!

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In the season 3 premiere of "Talk About It," Greg flips the script and brings a friend of the show, internationally recognized DJ Hapa, to the studio to run the interview! This episode is very special, because not only is Hapa here to guide us, but Greg's son Jake is the one being interviewed. This is our first chance to hear Jake's story in his own words, the difficulties he has overcome, and the great unknowns he bravely ventures to solve.

Season 2

Chapter 12: Celebrity Caregivers Talk About It!

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In the Season 2 finale of "Talk About It!," Greg turns to some friends who happen to be famous faces: Yvette Nicole Brown, Chris Gorham, and the one and only Meredith Vierra! You know them from their work on television, but they’re also Caregivers in real life. Friends help support each other, going through some of the same things we all face as caregivers. The many challenges of caregiving that do not discriminate. But talking, laughing, and crying about it sure makes it a lot easier.

Chapter 11: The Professor and the New Digital Epilepsy Library

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Join Greg as he interviews Wendy Miller, a Dean at the Indiana University School of Nursing. Wendy talks about her experiences living with epilepsy and her exciting research to build a new “epilepsy library” to help people with epilepsy live their best lives.

Chapter 10: Social Media Heroes

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Join Greg as he interviews two heroes of the epilepsy social sphere: @BrainAblaze and @TiffanyKairos. Plus, Greg shares his short list of epilepsy social must-follows. All this and more…

Chapter 9: And in This Corner… MMA Star Cody Brundage

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Greg gets in the ring with MMA Fighter Cody Brundage who has a daughter with a rare form of epilepsy. Greg and Cody go head-to-head with fatherly advice and recommendations for caregivers everywhere.

Chapter 8: "Tweet About It", or Greg in Space… Twitter Space

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Greg talks about it with some of our amazing Twitter followers. You will smile. You will cry. And you will laugh listening to these inspiring everyday stories from our community about living — and thriving — with seizures.

We all learn from each other. Remember: you are not alone.

We will be hosting more Twitter Spaces soon for your chance to talk about it with Greg.

Chapter 7: Tough Questions for Dr. Joe Sirven

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This week the tough questions come from Greg’s Twitter followers. What would they ask one of the top epilepsy doctors in the world? Their questions and Dr. Joe Sirven of the Mayo Clinic’s answers will surprise you.

They tackle the differences between brand and generic medicines, holistic approaches to treatment, and what everyone should know about some of the most difficult aspects of epilepsy, such as SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death In Epilepsy).

Greg and Joe have a history you're going to have hear to believe. Greg's recent appearance on Joe's podcast and NPR radio show, What’s Health Got to Do with It?, wasn’t enough.

Chapter 6: Seizure Safe Schools and the Families Behind Them!

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Greg Grunberg is joined by an amazing group of epilepsy advocates working together to create Seizure Smart Schools in their states and ultimately around the country:

  • Cyndi Crunk and her daughter Lyndsey championed Kentucky's Lyndsey Crunk Act in April 2018.
  • Barbara Watkins, in loving memory of her daughter Samantha championed Texas' Sam's Law in June 2019.
  • Colleen Quinn and her son Paul St. Pierre championed New Jersey’s Paul’s Law in January 2020.

Hear all of their amazing and inspiring stories and learn how you can help create seizure safe schools in your community.

Join their Facebook group, National Epilepsy Advocates for Seizure Safe Schools.

Chapter 5: The Kid Raising Awareness in 1999… and Ever Since

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In this episode of our podcast, Greg is joined by epilepsy advocate and entrepreneur Tim Finnegan. At age 12, Tim was the Epilepsy Foundation's 1999 "Winning Kid," chosen from nominated youth across the country who helped raise education and awareness about epilepsy.

Since then, in addition to becoming a sports broadcaster and starting his own marketing company, Tim has spoken nearly every day about epilepsy to groups of all sizes.

Hear Tim share his story, which we know will inspire and encourage.

Chapter 4: Fathers Sound Off for Awareness!

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In this episode of Talk About It, host Greg Grunberg talks with John Maier of Blue Microphone about challenges, joys, and lessons dads face when a child lives with epilepsy.

Chapter 3: Spinning Stigma on Its Head with DJ HAPA

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In this episode of our podcast, host Greg Grunberg is joined by another long time epilepsy advocate, DJ HAPA.

In 1998, Hapa was diagnosed with Epilepsy and he refers to it as one of the greatest teachers in life, encouraging him to focus on living life to the fullest, the centerpiece to his commencement keynote at UCLA.

As a DJ, HAPA is known for playing a multitude of genres and blending it all together to create a unique soundtrack. His list of accolades and clients includes such top brands as Ducati, Ferrari, Formula1, Microsoft, ESPN, Lululemon and The Grammys, just to name a few. He has shared the stage with artists as diverse as his musical selection: Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, and Drake to Bruno Mars, Marshmello, and Chromeo.

To learn more about HAPA, visit

Chapter 2: We All Have Something, Featuring Ethan Suplee

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In this episode of Talk About It, host Greg Grunberg interviews his special guest — actor Ethan Suplee ("American Glutton") — about the best ways to help make sure challenging health conditions are managed well. Greg and Ethan share the story of their weight loss journeys. They talk about being parents of children living with chronic conditions. They also highlight the importance of finding time to laugh and celebrate joys, even in the face of challenges.

For more about Ethan, visit

Chapter 1: Leading the Way on LGS Research with Tracy Dixon-Salazar

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Greg Grunberg sits down with Tracy Dixon-Salazar from the LGS Foundation to discuss her journey from mother of a daughter with seizures to research scientist searching for cures in DNA.