Actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto meet up suddenly  in the middle of a cavernous subway underpass; after a friendly high-five and greeting, Chris speaks.

Chris Pine: If someone has a seizure, do you know what to do?

Zachary Quinto: Hey that's my line.

Chris: Well then, say it.

Chris & Zachary (unison): First off, never ever put anything in their mouth.

Chris: Never.

Zachary: Make sure they are comfortable and safe.

Chris: Turn them on their side.

Zachary: Make sure their head is protected.

Chris: Stay with them until the seizure ends.

Zachary: The seizure will probably last only a few moments.

Chris: The best thing you can do is be a friend.

Zachary: Talk about it.

Chris: Talk about it.  Hey we're a pretty good team.

Zachary: Yeah. We'll see.