At the 2018 National Walk for Epilepsy, we asked people visiting our ‘Talk About It! Experience’ Tent, “Who inspires you in your epilepsy journey? Is it a family member? A health care provider? A mentor or friend? … Who is your epilepsy hero?”

Here’s what they said:

Maddie B.

Lowell E.

Michael M.

Michelle & Kate W.

Madison S.

Megan & Laurie S.

Natalie B.

Sam E.

Tonya, Scot, Emma, Sami, Dana, & Kailyn

Tony C.

Todd H.

Team Livvy & Row

Tammy & Aaron S.

Steve O.

Sarah T.

Roxanne C.

Renee S.

The Perry Family

Peddro C.

Paul R.

Nicolette & Allie

Mitchell M.

Zahra A.

Willie C.

Michelle H.