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Greg Grunberg.

Donate to Epilepsy Research. was created by Greg Grunberg (star of NBC's HEROES) in collaboration with the Epilepsy Foundation, and unites Hollywood stars to ask questions and to provide answers on epilepsy awareness, and invite change in the public's false understanding and perceptions about epilepsy.


Actor Greg Grunberg enters the shot and points toward a donation sign, which reads: "Thank you so much for donating to's partner site, the Epilepsy Foundation. Your donation will help millions of people with epilepsy, and help us build programs and services toward fulfilling the Talk About It Promise."

Greg Grunberg: There are more than 3 million people with epilepsy in the United States, including my son. The Epilepsy Foundation is my partner for "Talk About' The Foundation works every day to bring services and support to people with epilepsy throughout America. They help fund important new research, provide needed services and work with law makers to make sure the legislative agendas on the national and local levels are fair for people with seizure disorders. Please consider making a donation to the Epilepsy Foundation. Thank you.

Greg Grunberg

(b. 1966, Los Angeles, CA)

Creator and Executive Producer,

Chair, National Walk for Epilepsy

Founder and Drummer for Band From TV  

Matt Parkman on Heroes (2006-Present)

Eric Weiss on ALIAS (2001-2005)

Sean Blumberg on Felicity (1998-2002)